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We see a missionary effort at all secular colleges in the Pacific Southwest District. We believe that every local church can impact their local colleges in launching and supporting an effective missional outreach, whether it be through prayer, resource, or people. We anticipate when all Lutheran students are served regardless of the university they attend and we see a day when college age individuals are retained and sustained within the faith for beyond college. In addition we see the future church with new leaders to usher the Lutheran church and church at large into the future.

To unite, resource, and multiply campus missions in the Pacific Southwest District of the LCMS.


• Teamwork as necessary for effective college outreach
• The whole Body of Christ participating in the mission to colleges
• Relationally based outreach strategies
• Intergenerational Relationships as formative in faith formation
• Preparing and equipping students as living testimonies of faith and as missionaries
• Learning about, from, and with others around food and in community
• Faith inquiry and conversation
• Interfaith Dialogue

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