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a Lutheran Ministry Social

No religious solicitation unless asked

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A student organization at UCSD, ALMS is a Lutheran ministry group that welcomes all Christians and non-Christians to a community of fellowship. We truly believe that the Holy Spirit works in all his people. This allows us to share the Love of Jesus Christ through our friendship with everyone we come into contact with. We do not actively force nor share our faith unsolicited. However we choose to share upon being asked. We believe that our respect and honor of other people is the biggest testimony we can give to God's creation that has yet to know him. This is how we choose to "change people's minds"  regarding their relationship with Jesus Christ.

ULC Study Lounge

Study Lounge

Come study at our climate-controlled lounge, a place for college students to leave the bustle of campus while still being within walking distance. We have free computers, Wi-Fi and printers. Students can, at no cost, enjoy our free snacks. During finals week, come in for a free dinner every evening. Otherwise, join us Thursdays for a meal at 5:45PM. 

  • Hot and cold water machine

  • Keurig

  • Ramen (Nongshim)

  • Assorted chips and candies

We have a variety technological aids for individual and group study. (private spaces available)

  • Printers

  • Desktops (PC and Mac)

  • Projectors

  • White Boards

  • TV's

  • A/C and Heater

Food for Thought—Student Lunches

ALMS provides for students in two ways. On Sunday after Service, and Thursdays after bible study, join us for a free meal. Neither bible study nor Service attendance is required.

Meals on Sundays are often home cooked meals prepared by ULC congregation members. We do our best to provide students home cooked meals while away from home.

Study Lounge

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 Members of 
THE Campus Mission Coalition
hosted at ULC

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