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Connecting International Communities @ ASU

Connecting International Communities (CIC) hosts a wide variety of social, cultural, and spiritual activities on the Arizona State University (ASU) Tempe campus. In addition, they hold activities at the Campus Christian Center (C3) which is located directly across the street from campus. CIC is a registered student organization of ASU and a member of the
Council of Religious Advisors (CORA).

CIC’s Weekly Gathering:
Every Thursday evening during the semester at 6:30pm, CIC gathers at C3 for a meal, fun activities, and a lesson that includes insights and discussion on a current topic, and
awareness and understanding to the Christian world view. The weekly gathering is a place for students to increase their English language proficiency, build friendships, belong to a community where they are encouraged, supported, and connected to ASU and local

CIC’s Monthly Social:
The weekends are a great time for us to destress from the college life and be in God’s creation and the great Arizona outdoors. CIC hosts activities such as hiking, picnics, camping, ice skating, kayaking, etc. We also plan events to share American and international holidays and festivals like pumpkin carving for Halloween, Friendship Families for Thanksgiving, celebrations for Easter and Christmas. In addition we learn and observe other holidays such as St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Moon Festival, Chinese New Year, Holi, and Indian National Independence Day.


Spiritual Growth:

CIC small group Bible Studies and In-depth Bible Seminar for international students are important ways we share what God has done for us and help students grow spiritually.


CMC City Gathering Phoenix:

CMC brings together the greater Phoenix area LCMS college age students and high school seniors for a time of food, fun, fellowship, and faith.


Friendship Families Program:

International students are befriended by local Christians who agree to meet with them several times a semester to enjoy a cultural exchange, and share God’s love.


CMC and CIC needs volunteers from LCMS congregations, small group bible studies, and other groups to support the fast-growing college ministry. A large amount of our budget and time is spent on meals, because college age students are just plain hungry and need to eat. We need volunteers for transportation, shopping, hosting events, and yes, helping with meals.

Sharon can be contacted at or 480-407-7009.


Council of Religious Advisors (CORA) ASU


International Student Ministry, Inc. (ISM, Inc.)


Food Pantry & Mobil MealsSalvation Army


Pitchfork Pantry
Open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesdays on the Tempe campus at ASU Health Services
(South) Sonora Center

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